the world’s first digital backdrop.

Сustomizable digital backdrops to maximize exposure and brand visibility

New revenue stream

We create a new revenue stream for right holders by digitizing their ad inventory with unique digital backdrops and providing them with advanced management software.


Fan Engagement

Use our backdrops for real time communication through T.V broadcasting, increase clubs visibility and engage with fans through in action campaigns.


Not just a LOGO

Use prime advertising space to deliver better content. Sponsors and advertisers get real calls for action platforms to increase brand awareness.

Clasico 1-2


It’s a numbers game

Reliability and continuity above all

We have created a durable tool, a simple and easy-to-use solution that addresses broadcasters, advertisers, and media rights holders in creating additional media value through their backdrops.

Among sponsors and advertisers that use our platform to deliver better messages, we have a 100% contract renewal rate, proving our client's success.

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Minutes broadcasted

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Our clients

customer confidence is the top priority

We are proud to be part of our client's growth and success, providing them with a holistic solution.

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Andrea Bonetti

Fan data analytics –Trento Basket Trento

"After partnering with Mixzone this season, we accomplished new ways of engaging with fans and achieved better ad space. Their high-quality digital backdrop used for our interviews on the court was simple, easy to assemble and activate".

Davide Pettinari

Marketing and sponsoring manager - US Cremonese Football

"During last season, we partnered with Mixzone, which allowed us to give over thirty of our sponsors a successful amount of media time to give small businesses exposure. Moreover, we were able to use each screen to display different looped sponsored content".

Tim Kilpatrick

Head of Commercials - Reading Football Club

"This past season, we reached social media platforms made possible through Mixzone. Their digital backdrops transferred clearly from interviews to phone screens, increasing fan engagement and exposure".

Ori Shachar

Partnerships Manager at PandaZzz

We recently partnered with Mixzone and the Israeli Leagues to engage with new clients and monetize from action campaigns in sports. Through their digital backdrops we were able to increase brand exposure, reach new audiences and revenues. Additionally, due to the repetition on social media platforms, we reached new clients only made possible through Mixzone's platform. 

Niv Goldstein

Chief Executive Officer - Maccabi Netanya FC

We started our activity with 3 of Mixzone's backdrops and after a short time we realized that this tool is significant for the team and we decided to use it in the Israel Youth League as well. Mixzone has given the club a high-quality advertising platform, along with the option to increase revenue from sponsors. Today our sponsor's backdrop considered  our prime advertising location.

Adar Zehavi

CEO of Charlton - Sport 1

As the CEO of the company that exclusively broadcasts all Israeli league games, Mixzone's product is optimally adapted for TV photography, the quality of the screens creates a smooth image that conveys the content in an exceptional way.

Asaf Avisar

VP Marketing, Samelet Group

Mixzone product makes the interview the right place for Samelet. With excellent service, quality and clear visibility on TV screens - Mixzone helped us reach high exposure and increase revenue from sports advertising. Provide a professional solution for an important spot for advertisers.

Motty Bronshtein

Vice President of Business Development at IPFL

Mixzone Created value for the IPFL, the clubs, and their sponsors and have brought an innovative change to a position that, putting it frankly, has not changed since sports broadcasting started